Life Lessons on my #%th Birthday

Today is my birthday - Lucky 13! It's not my first rodeo but it IS my first blog post.  You know the people you see on the train or in a coffee shop, feverishly writing in tiny notebooks, alternately singing and laughing to themselves, possibly wearing sunglasses even in the dark?

Hi, yes, that’s me. Nice to meet you.

I love to watch people, ask them questions, hear their stories. I've been lucky enough to turn this passion into a career and meet an array of incredible people. Through my show Talk Stoop I have met some of the world's greatest actors, musicians, writers, athletes and thought leaders. Through the show, I’ve been committed to  shaping the wisdom & meaning from celebrities’ stories into relatable tools to be used by my viewers.

As today is my birthday I was naturally reflecting on my life and career and it suddenly hit me that even though I have set through hours and hours of edit sessions and seen the videos hundreds of times, I myself was missing the message. Truth is, there is another beneficiary to these 10 years of lessons and insights...ME! 

Why have I been my own biggest blind spot? Who knows, but here are a few gems that passed me by the first time:

Brooke Shields stays employed because she “goes where the water’s warm” in her career rather than fighting the tide.  It will always turn back.

Tony Robbins uses bad language sparingly for effect when he’s trying to reach people, not in heavy rotation like me. He’s more effective. Fact. Choose your words.

Drew Breeze and Jeremy Lin reminded me that it’s ok to bring personal spirituality into a professional setting. In fact, for me, it’s recommended. Find your zen.

Tim Daly’s rallying cry is "Be Less of a Douche". That speaks for itself, and certainly speaks to me. Don't be a dick.

Darryl Strawberry makes a choice every day not to drink alcohol, as I do. It’s not easy for either of us. Nice to know I’m not alone.

Cyndi Lauper can make music out of anything, including an old board with a rusty nail she found in my yard. Be unstoppable.

Mavis Staples hasn’t stopped lighting up the world with music and revolution since she sang for Martin Luther King in 1963. Keep going.


On his first tour on the Stoop, Moby said he’d rather go through the world wearing rose colored glasses of his own making than be bitter and jaded at the state of things. Create your own universe.

Nicole Ritchie handled an accidental bitchslap with so much grace and kindness that I’m now slapping everyone I meet as a sort of litmus test. That’s actually not true. Just wanted to see if you were paying attention. Find grace.

These are just a few of the amazing nuggets that I missed the first time around.

Now with my new blog I aim to document that sh*t and keep it for posterity so that I remember these life lessons. I want to elaborate on things that inspire me, surprise me,  intrigue me and then share them with you. What would you like to learn about? Let's do this!