TOP 5 Wedding Tips...

Did you know that my husband and I have opened our Catskill Mountain home up for weddings and events? We are so blessed to be able to invite couples to host their weddings and invite their own family and friends up to enjoy this paradise that we found there. And you know I love a good party!

These are 5 of my favorite wedding tips as shared on our TCMH blog. I'd love to here yours. Comment below with your tips, tell me your thoughts and if you're getting hitched, drop me a line, we'd love to celebrate with you at the mountain house, I can even marry you and your beloved!

My Top 5 Wedding Tips...

1. CONVENIENCE: If you truly want your friends & family to attend, hold your wedding at a time & place accessible to most of your list. Make sure you include directions and links to booking info on your invitation suite to make it easy for them to book themselves and find you! (at TCMH we can help you with transportation and accommodation options that make sure you get that remote mountain feel while making it easy for all your bff's to get here!) If you would prefer no one to join you but a couple of besties, make it hella inconvenient and pricey!

2. TAKE 5! Arrange for your wedding coordinator or maid of honor to pull you both away from the party for a few minutes to yourselves to stand back to enjoy the moment and behold this community of love you've created. As a couple, these reflections will be the ones you remember the longest. There are so many beautiful places to do this at The Catskill Mountain House - including a cave up our hiking trails for a real couples only moment!


3. GET PERSONAL: Personalize the experience without going broke. You don’t need to manufacture wine with your own label, or give away pricey gift bags with your personal logo - you’re a couple, not a corporation! Try shadowbox tables displaying meaningful personal photos and artifacts. You can add your personal touches throughout the TCMH space from the shelves in the mini-bar barn to our shadowbox couples table below!

4. MAKE SOME NOISE: Consider live band karaoke or an open jam sesh instead of a traditional wedding band. We have a piano and various instruments you can use plus Boom cases to plug your karaoke playlist into. Everyone loves to feel like a rockstar, so why not give your guests their 15 minutes of fame? It’ll reflect your openness as a couple, and leave your friends feeling as special as you do on your big day.

5. RESPECT YOUR ELDERS: Family life can be fraught by nature, and while this is YOUR day and not your parents’, they’ve done an awful lot for you over the years. If they make some requests that you wouldn’t have opted for otherwise, try just giving in. It’s a  solid investment in the long run. We're happy to play Switzerland when needed and hop on calls with the in-laws to find ways to make everyone happy..let's face it sometimes the bride is not the bride-zilla in the relationship!