Everyone Loves An Airstream

Admit it. Trailers are sexy. Especially when they’re all shiny, silvery and shaped like a Twinkie.



We picked up our first vintage Airstream, a 1974 LandYacht, as a guest house for my parents to stay in when they visited us in the country. Over the course of that summer, Mike worked lovingly to fix every quirk, brighten each wall and floorboard with a glossy white epoxy paint, and ensure that every bit of plumbing flowed perfectly so my mother would be able to enjoy her nightly bath, even if the tiny tub forced her to enjoy it cross legged. He was a victorious conqueror, empowered by his newfound mastery of the renovation arts, emboldened by the promise of a tighter bond with my parents who would obviously swoon over his craftsmanship, vowing never to leave his tin Taj Mahal, and moving our family into a halcyon bliss beyond all our wildest dreams.

That’s not exactly how it went down.


My parents arrived, stood outside the Airstream door, ohh’d and ahh’d, put one foot inside, then pulled it right back out. The end.

They were claustrophobic, and we were crushed. But we bounced back quickly – if they weren’t going to love our Airstream dream, we were just going to have to do the loving for everyone. As it turned out, everyone else on the planet was already enamored with these beauties. We were the envy of all our friends, which felt awesome, so we added to our fleet! Then we added again. It’s hard to stop.



Now, our Airstreams serve as bunkhouses at our wedding venue, www.TheCatskillMountainHouse.com, in upstate New York. Engaged couples go gaga for these things – just ask Pinterest! Our guests can choose between three different levels of trailer living, or try ‘em all, like Goldie Locks.

The littlest trailer barely needed any renovating, so in it’s practically pure vintage state, we call that one Grandma’s House.





Then there’s Airstream One, which Mike fixed up first, careful to keep all it’s delicious original detail and charm intact (this is the one closest to my heart!).

Last but never least is the GlamStream, renovated within an inch of being identifiable as a trailer on the inside, this modernized camper could be a room in any high end hotel around the world, or the galaxy. This one has a space aged quality reminiscent of The Jetsons which allows guests to pretend they’re in orbit wherever they wish to be. We don’t judge.




We also don’t go anywhere in these things. Every time we start planning to take one of our rolling houses out for a spin, we realize the only places we’d want to take it are exactly like the place we already live, so what’s the point?! And with hotels like Autocamp where we stayed in Santa Barbara this Summer, (https://autocamp.com/guides/location/santa-barbara/) and the adorable Caravan Outpost in Ojai, (caravanoutpostojai.com/), there’s no need to BYOA!

I hear there’s a smaller, lighter Airstream coming on the market soon which should make towing and going easier for everyone. Until then, check out The Happier Camper for a chic little unit that’ll get you out on the road in style for a decent price. https://happiercamper.com/

All I’m saying is this: the tiny house movement is just a fancy new term for the economical and efficient lives people have been leading in trailers for years. For a closeup view at the elegant use of space and unassuming beauty that define trailers of a certain era, look us up next time you’re in Roxbury, NY. We’d love to show you our sweet silver city on the hill!